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Whitley Neill Quince Gin 43% vol

It was last August when I visited Mr foggs Gin Parlour and I was recommended on trying Whitley Neill’s Quince gin with the house tonic. At the time I didn’t know what quince was. (Yellow pear like fruit) 

It was a nice fruity sweet gin and came home thinking I need to get myself a bottle. I had the same thought with every gin I tried that day however Whitley Neills Quince Gin was the only one I ended up purchasing. It was my brothers 30th birthday that weekend so I was happy that amazon prime meant I would have this gin in time for the celebrations. I had gin and tonics at the ready for my whole family. Added mint and juniper berries as my garnish and everyone loved the gin. It is sweet so I find I only ever drink a glass of it but it’s different from most other gin. It’s a go too for me when my friends say they don’t want anything bitter. 

Since last year I’ve started experimenting with how I garnish my drinks. I’ve started making cucumber weaves which are pretty on the eye but add to the flavor and cucumber works well with this gin. I’m having a gin tasting for my friends this autumn and this gin will be making an appearance. 

This gin is a must have for any gin collector, like I said earlier very different from any other fruity gin. I'm yet to try the whole collection of gins from Whitley Neill but I do look forward to it.

The botanicals in the gin are Juniper, Orange, Lemon, Orris Bark, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Quince juice and Quince extract.

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