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The Blind Pig

This cute speakeasy is a little tricky to find. When they say to look out for the optician sign they weren't kidding. I think I walked past three times the first time I visited.

On my first visit we reluctantly opened the door which had a brass pigs head as a door handle and we walked up questioning if we were in the right place. We were greeted by friendly hosts at the top of the staircase. Once seated we were given menus full of beautiful illustrations bringing back floods of childhood memories. Each page has a cocktail which is themed around a great illustration. I think I was in year 3 in primary school when we spent the whole school year reading Roald Dahl books after break. It would be my favorite part of the day. The BFG and The witches were my most loved books as a child.

Looking around at the tables around us, I think everyone had the same opinion as us... we were all spoilt for choice.

"Float Like A Peach" James and the giant peach. The cocktail contained Tanqueray n10, Rinquinquin peach wine, Hibiscus, Olive oil, Egg white and Sparkling poise and topped off with a Jelly Caterpillar.

Roald Dahl's BFG also inspired another drink..."Dream Jar" This cocktail has Hendricks Orbium, Midori, Vanilla, Citrus, Cucumber and Watermelon soda and Snozzcumber meringue foam. Served in a jar just like in the book.

"Harry Potter's Best Bottle Butter Bitter" This cocktail had Monkey Shoulder, Beer, Kamm & Sons, Thyme, Butterscotch, Citrus and Bitters all served in a beer bottle.

This is a cute bar that has a great atmosphere to is. I would for sure recommend everyone to visit.

The Blind Pig

58 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7NR

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