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Sea Glass Gin

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

How is it that while I lived in Scotland I didn't visit any distilleries? Seems like 50% of British gin are Scottish. Living in Scotland left a bitter taste for all things Scottish for me... Tattie scone roll, Irnbru and fried mars bars are a few things I'm happy with not ever having again. However shortbread biscuits and gin from Scotland are just two things I simply can't live without.

Tattie scone roll, Irnbru and fried mars bars are a few things I'm happy with not ever having again

Sea Glass gin by Deerness Distillery is from Orkney, North-Eastern coast of Scotland. Husband and wife, Stuart and Adelle Brown are the founders of the distillery. Stuart and Adelle designed the distillery themselves. With the help from family and neighbors they constructed the distillery. Its a family run business, they do everything on site themselves. The production of all the products are carried out by hand, distilling, bottling to labeling.

At the moment they produce gin, rum and vodka. Soon enough they will have liquors too.

Sea Glass gin is made with seven botanicals and cut with pure Orkney water.

Warm juniper spice, floral lavender tones, citrus notes from lemon verbena and orange and a fresh cucumber mint finish.

Kiwi, blueberries, mint and cucumber work great as garnishes for this gin.

I tried this gin in two ways. One with Fevertree's Indian Tonic Water with kiwi garnish. Second I played around with the garnishes. I made a weave from cucumber. Used kiwi icecubes, added mint and juniper berries. Topped it off with Merchants Heart tonic water.

Drinking Sea Glass gin in both ways really showed how garnishes can change the taste of gin. Both beautiful in their own way. The first really easy to drink, the floral and citrus notes coming through.

The cucumber and mint made the second drink super refreshing which is perfect for a hot summers day.

Sea Glass Gin with Merchants Heart Tonic Water

Cucumber weave, Kiwi icecubes and Mint

I made the kiwi ice-cubes by blending kiwi's with tonic water. Placed them in a ice-tray and let them freeze. Really handy to keep these in the freezer for a perfect garnish.

Sea Glass Gin was gifted

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