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Press For Gin

When I first started drinking gin my cousin said I should try Brockmans gin, she told me all her friends would be impressed when she pulled out the bottle at her place. So naturally when I was in a bar in Calgary I asked for a Brockmans and tonic. I really enjoyed it, before trying this gin I hadn't really tried anything fruity.

I brought a bottle when I saw we sold it at the place I worked. Since then its been a staple in my collection.

Last summer they had a 'Press for gin' event at ArcelorMittal Orbit. I didn't think twice about getting my hands on tickets. I knew it would be a great event and that it was. The night started off with going down the worlds longest tunnel slide. Being greeted with gin and tonics when we reached the bottom. Fire breathers put on a performance. We then made our way upstairs to the view point were we enjoyed canapes that complimented each drink. Each time we would press the button on the 'Press for gin' sign our waiter would bring out our next drink. Sadly there was a limit on the number of times we could press the button.

Snake charmers danced around the venue. A live singer played classic tracks that we could request. The food pairings and cocktails were delicious. This was my first gin event and boy did Brockmans set the bar high.

This March Brockmans hosted another 'Press for gin' night at The Black Swan Studios. After how I very highly spoke of the last event my friends who don't really drink gin wanted to come along to the event with me. Brockmans did not disappoint. The live singer was back and he had everyone singing along to good old classics. Everyone at our table was super friendly. We had lots of banter, tweeting away with the hopes to win free gin. which may I just add I won photo of the night. The food pairing and cocktails we mouth watering.

If I had to discribe Brockmans gin in five words it would be... Brockmans have brought sexy back.

Brockmans have brought sexy back.

If your ever given the chance to attend a brockmans 'Press for gin' event, don't think twice... you have to go. You will thank me later.

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