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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hayman's of London

So let’s go back to when Hayman's gin first launched their campaign to call time on fake gin, I was interested to hear more about the campaign and I read their manifesto. A month later I was at the #ginoff hosted by graphic bar and Hayman's gin was participating. Out of all the cocktails that night, this was my favorite, the cute school lunch bag sold it for me and it was the first time I got to try one of their gins. After this it seemed like everywhere I went Hayman's where there, Foodies festival, Junipalooza and imbibe. I’ve now tried the whole range... which I love and I can officially say the Hayman's sloe gin is my favorite Sloe gin on the market. 

One evening while watching England play in the World Cup I saw Hayman's we’re running a competition for a tour around the distillery. I entered and I won. (See you can win things on social media) 

Excited to visit the distillery I booked the tour for that weekend, why not right... 

I asked another gin lover to attend. 

A short walk through Balham we found ourselves at the home of english gin. Herman greeted us with a large smile and escorted us up to the bar.

He gave us large G&Ts and gave us the history on how Hayman's gin came about.

Their gins are distilled today as they would have been 150 years ago. Hayman's London Dry gin is distilled to the family recipe, using 10 botanicals. Juniper berries from Macedonia, Coriander seeds from Bulgaria, Angelica root from Belgium, Lemon peel from Egypt, Orange peel from Spain, Cinnamon from Madagascar, Cassia bark from Indonesia, Orris root from Morocco, Licorice from Uzbekistan and Nutmeg from Indonesia.

They have three copper pot stills, Marjorie, Karin and Miranda.

Marjorie is named after Christopher Hayman's mother. Karin Is named after Christopher's wife and Miranda is named after his daughter.

We then got to try the range of gins. Learned a little history on gin it’s self. Herman was great, we thought the tour would last 90 minutes but we ended up staying nearly three hours. I guess when you get three people who love gin its hard to know when to stop talking.

We did leave a little tipsy... which who wouldn’t want to be on a Saturday afternoon. It was a great experience and something I would 100% recommend to anyone  who loves gin. 

The distillery is very easy to get to and the price isn’t ridiculous either. 

They also offer cocktail masterclasses too.

The next time you have a weekend free and are wondering about what to do... Get yourselves down to this distillery.

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