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Graphic Bar's #ginoff Round 1

Updated: May 4, 2018

Scrolling through my twitter account a week ago I came across a tweet from Graphic Bar about a event they were having. "The most Epic cocktail competition of the history is back" " Get ready for eclectic cocktails, magic bartenders tricks and a lot of juniper love" My initial thought was where do I sign up?

Tickets were on sale. Each ticket included four cocktails. At £10 a pop it seemed too good to be true. Guess what... it was true.

I didn't really know what to expect from the event but I thought if gin is involved it would be a good night.

My friend and I walked in and were greeted by some friendly guys from Vidda who randomly put stickers on our jackets but stickers a fun right... well maybe when your a kid. We grabbed a drink and started having a girly catch-up before the event kicked off.

We were introduced to the bartenders from the four gin companies. Thomas Dakin, Beefeater, Nicholson and Vidda.

The bartenders from each gin would create a cocktail for us to try and we would pick our favorite and vote for them to win.

The #ginoff started, music was roaring, the bartenders started doing their thing and the atmosphere was unreal for a Monday night.

We queued up for our first drink which was by Beefeater that was served up in a hollowed out grapefruit. This bartender was my favorite. He was dancing, getting everyone to shake the cocktail shaker. He was really engaging. The cocktail was really good just a shame you didn't get much. Maybe it should have been served in a hallowed out watermelon...

Maybe it should have been served in a hallowed out watermelon...

The second was from Thomas Darkin. It was served up in a icecream tub, with jelly, cream and sprinkles on top. It went down a treat. A cocktail I would definitely order again.

Third cocktail was from Vidda. Head in the clouds- Cloudberry and bog myrtle cordial, italicus and ginger ale. (the only company to have displayed the cocktail they were serving up) It was served in a ziplock bag. This by far was my favorite so far. The rep for the gin was also cute... my friend tried to charm him with the one Norwegian word she knew while I fluttered my lashes as you do.

Lastly we had Nicholson, Which was served in milkshake cups. This bartender was fun, he was dancing lots, used a blowtorch while making his cocktail which added great drama to his act... if you can call it an act. This was my least favorite cocktail think it was the milk that put me off.

So it was time for us to vote for our favorite cocktail and it was very clear to us that we were voting for Vidda. 100% would buy this cocktail again. Its made me want to go buy a bottle of the gin itself.

Vidda and Nicholson made it to the semi finals.

For a Monday night I think this event was what I needed to set me up for the week. Drinking gin means no hangover for me so I knew I wouldn't be dreading going to work the next day.

Would I recommend this event to someone else? If you like/love gin, dislike mondays and can get to Soho for 6.30/7pm then 100% yes.

Graphic Bar will be holding another three nights like this, Four gins will battle it out each night. Round 2 is Monday 21st may. Round 3 is Monday 25th June. Round4 is 30th July.

I can't wait to attend the next #ginoff

Graphic Bar

4 Golden Square, Soho, London W1F 9HT

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