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Dirty Bones

After a gin fueled evening we found ourselves wondering around Carnaby Street looking for a little something to eat and well soak up all the gin we consumed. My friend suggested we should go to Dirty Bones.

When we sat down, I made a confession to my friend... I've never eaten fried chicken before. The look I got in return was the one I wish I had captured with my phone.

The look I got in return was the one I wish I had captured with my phone.

So I was about to pop the friend chicken cherry. We ordered wings and a few other things to nibble on and my friend strangely asked for water for us to share. WATER erm love I want a gin cocktail and I want it now. Well I'm in a new place why would I not try one?

We opted for the Lavender Martini and The Fab. Our waitress told us that this was a very colorful order that would be Instagram worthy. I went on to tell her about my gin obsession. Our waitress was very witty, the banter we had through out our meal was something I've never experienced before in a restaurant. My friend and I literally wanted her to join us. Hayley (the waitress) kept cheating on us with the Californian family on the other side of the joint. We did feel a little betrayed but we had to remind ourselves she was doing her job.

The fried chicken was as yummy as I thought it would be and the drinks were sweet but very more-ish.

Would I go back to Dirty Bones? I would firstly make sure Hayley was working just so I could hang out with her. Secondly I would make sure I had a big appetite. Thirdly I was with someone who would enjoy the cocktails and wouldn't mind me taking a million photos for my blog and Instagram.

The Lavender Martini and The Fab

The Lavender

( Straight up, Coupette)

Tanqueray gin, Lavender syrup, Egg white and Lemon juice.

The Fab

(Cubed ice, Rocks glass)

Tanqaeray gin, Cointreau, Martini Rosso, Lemon, Gomme syrup and Egg white with a Hundreds & Thousands candy rim.

Dirty Bones Carnaby

Second floor Kingly Court.

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