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Olfactor-y Gins

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

That Boutique-y Gin Company

I've worked within the beauty industry for 11 years now. All the brands I've worked for have carried a perfume range as well as a makeup collection. When we attend annual training every brand would always talk about how smells can transport you back to a memory linked to that scent. Whenever I had a bridal client I would tell them to buy an extra special fragrance for their special day as that scent will forever remind them of their wedding day.

Now what do you think happens when the brand that brought you Strawberry & Balsamic Gin, a gin made with botanicals sent to space, stuck everything christmass-y in a bottle, work with Odette Toilette to create a gin inspired by perfumes? Four very different yet super cool gins are born. All transporting you back to different memories.

Fresh Rain Gin. Literally tastes like your walking through a park when it's raining. Beware Of The Woods Gin. My favorite out of the bunch. In my eyes the older sister to fresh rain. It's like a thunderstorm has just happened and your walking through the woods. Big Dipper Gin. The most surprising, I was expecting sugary candy floss with Haribo and the sweet smell you got when you picked out pix'n'mix in Woolworths as a child, however I was pleasantly surprised. Wasn't too sweet at all. The label on this bottle was my favourite. Colour fun, what you expect at a amusement park. The Dead King. This gin was the one that left me a little confused. Didn't know what to expect as I've never been to Egypt but I was half expecting to be transported back the the British museum as 8 year old Meme when I first visited the Mummy exhibition. Who remembers the Ginger Mummy? I was completely blown away by the cocktail made with The Dead King Gin, so blown away I'm intending of making it up myself as soon as I get the chance.

If any brand were going to get this right of course it would be That Boutique-y Gin Company. This range is exclusively at Harvey Nichols. Which happens to be the first place I ever tried TBGC gin.

Invite by TBGC

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