Meme Toor

Makeup artist 


Gin enthusiast 

Where the love for gin started...

Lets go back to 2016 when I was newly married, living in a new city, trying to make friends and adapt to life in Glasgow. On a night out with my then husband and his friends I was brought a gin and tonic. This was very different for me because I would tend to drink a glass of prosecco or vodka and orange. I'm pretty sure it was Gordon's s gin and Schweppes tonic. A basic introduction, for sure, but I remember how delicious, thought-provoking and different my very first G&T was. Had I just discovered the Holy Grail of all drink combinations, in a modest entry-level form? Still new  quickly became my go to for a night out.

My husband and I started drinking gin regularly and that's when we discovered Bombay Sapphire and Gordans gin were not the only gins in the world. When traveling between Heathrow and Glasgow I would buy bottles from Duty free to help build our collection. Caorunn, TanquerayNo10, Eden Mills Love and Hendrix were some of the gins we first brought. However this was all short lived...Sadly my marriage didn't work out and I found myself living back in London.

That is where the fun began.

I moved back to London and I thought I need to stop taking life so seriously. Need to enjoy things that make me happy. Surround myself with people who make me smile and bring out the best of me. I started making lists of things that made me happy and gin happened to be one of them. So that's where this obsession started.



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